Friday, December 05, 2008

Kinetic Energy (now called Komet)

Very cool thinking from the folks at Kinetic:

Need to conserve energy after walking the aisles of this year’s Interbike? Premium cycling trainer manufacturer, Kurt Kinetic, has just the thing – the new Kinetic Energy Trainer, designed to store energy from a cyclist’s workout or training ride and allow them to use it to power small appliances.

The Kinetic Energy Trainer is new to Interbike 2008, and won an “iF” product award at Eurobike in Germany earlier this month where it was previewed at Eurobike. The Kinetic Energy is now available direct from Kurt Kinetic or from the company’s network of retail and distribution partners nationwide.

“Our Kinetic Energy Trainer stayed in R+D longer than most of the products we bring to market,” says Paul Carlsen, Division Manager, Kinetic Cycling. “Because of the vast amount of early interest it received and anticipation from dealers we wanted to ensure it can really handle anything. It’s ready and we’re sure the Kinetic Energy Trainer will deliver both at our booth and in the marketplace”

The Kinetic Energy Trainer offers the same precision design and ultimate road-like training ride that made Kurt Kinetic famous. But it comes with the ability to capture energy generated by the rider during a workout or training ride. In a typical 3-hour ride a cyclist will generate 0.5 kw/hr, which is then captured by the Kinetic Energy’s resistance unit and transferred via DC/AC cable to a portable power station. The stored energy can be used to power a radio, recharge a cell phone or run a small appliance making this ideal for outdoor camping trips, multiple day training rides and also for emergency situations and power outages at home.

The Kinetic Energy retails at $499.99 and like every Kurt Kinetic trainer, replicating the feel and challenges of an outdoor ride is a high priority. The Kinetic Energy features a 6.25 lb flywheel for realistic coast-down, offers smooth, quiet resistance and a 15-minute coast down from 20 mph. A 2 1/8 inch roller reduces tire wear and the trainer is supported by Kurt’s standard unconditional warranty against manufacturer’s defects. The flywheel and 12V AC/DC adapter cable are also sold separately and will fit any other Kurt Kinetic trainer for cyclists wishing to turn their already pre-owned trainer into an energy generating model.

“We previewed the Kinetic Energy just a couple of weeks ago at Eurobike in Germany,” adds Carlsen. “The reaction to its potential was tremendous. Beyond cycling enthusiasts it has uses for outdoor camping and RV owners, or in emergency situations and when the power goes out at home.”

Kurt Kinetic originally codenamed the product the 911 trainer for its obvious benefits in emergency situations, and the company is currently in discussions to offer the product to third world disaster relief and indigenous business improvement programs as well as market it to countries where no national electricity grids exist.


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