Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Destination: Interbike Part IV

One of the biggest problems we have when selling tandems is fitting a couple to the right size. This could be a husband and wife or an adult and a child. Co-Motion Bicycles has a new concept they use in their tandems. The concept is called Periscope. It allows you to maximize adjustability for the stoker from a child to an adult. You will still want the heavier rider on the front of the bike but this system allows you to have a tandem that will work with more riders. When looking at tandems, flexibility is always an issue. The back end of this bike is very stiff. You will be able to trust it while riding at 20+ mph. Watch for one of these at Spoke-N-Sport this spring.
Ergon has a new backpack that is almost as cool as their grips. This backpack is a little on the heavy side but it feels so much better than some of the other backpacks out there. It also allows you to move quite freely. Look for it at Spoke-N-Sport some time this spring.

Kyle on another tri bike.

The Cannondale Scalpel is brand spankin new for 2008. The Scalpel has a patented Zero Pivot technology in its back end. The system has 100mm of travel, no hardware, bushings, contraptions, bearings or bars. Just a really simply set up single track racing. This was definitely the most favored bike by the Spoke-N-Sport staff. I liked that it wasn't super twitchy like other XC race bikes.

Gelato really has nothing to do with bikes. It has a lot to do with Italy. Just like Fizik saddles. They have some new ones. Expect to see them in the store when they are released at the beginning of next year.


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